Máster Universitario en Protección jurídica de las personas y los grupos vulnerables

LLMM in Legal Protection of Vulnerable Persons and Groups

Duration:  Duration: 1 academic year (60 credits, 18 of them optional)


 Possession of any of the following qualifications:

-Spanish official university degree
-EHEA Degree permitting access to official master
-Non-EHEA Degree recognized or not recognized if the formation level is equivalent to degrees permitting access to official master.

    Objectives: Training specialized professionals:

-The defense and guarantee of the rights of vulnerable persons and groups.
-The design, coordination, management and implementation of public policies and private strategies for the protection of these vulnerable groups.

    Target: graduates in social sciences (Law, Social Work, Labor Relations, Psychology, Education ...), among which legal sciences are preferable, according to the assessment made by the LLMM’s directors.

    Modality: a part by classroom teaching, a part on line teaching. The teaching is carried out in Spanish, although the students work can be developed in English. Students with difficulties with the Spanish will receive special attention

Modality: semipresencial

Schedule: Hours: Tuesday to Friday: 17-20 h

Situation: School of Law




MODULE 1: The Constitutional State and the protection of vulnerable persons and groups (18 obligatory ECTS).

MODULE 2: Minor, elderly, persons with disabilities or dependence (9 elective ECTS).

MODULE 3: Discrimination and gender (9 elective ECTS).

MODULE 4: Poorness and social exclusion (9 elective ECTS).

MODULE 5: Immigration, emigration and ethnic, religious and cultural minorities (9 elective ECTS).

MODULE 6: Practices and Final Project (24 compulsory ECTS)
-Public entities: Department of Social Welfare, Court of domestic violence and Court for prison supervision, Counsel for the Elderly, Children Sograndio Center...
-Private entities: law firms, Gypsy Secretariat, Prison and Society, FASAD, ASPAYM, AFESA, ONCE, Red Cross, Caritas...

-See the full list of practises in "related documents".

-Final Project

  Complementary activity: Legal Clinic
-Sensitization and awareness with the legal protection of people and vulnerable groups (Street Law).
-Students become educators, trainers and promoters in connection with the legal protection of vulnerable groups.
-Students will conduct activities and lectures generally for civil society and, in particular, students of Secondary Education and Bachelor.
-Included in the Spanish Network of Legal Clinics
-More information http://presnolinera.wix.com/clinica-juridica
  LLMM Development:
-Each subject is taught by a professor and a practitioner.
-Multidisciplinary participation of all legal departments.
-Students with different formation and promotion of interdisciplinary groups.
-Students from different geographical origin.
-Information and advice on national and international professional opportunities.
Guidance and assistance by students from previous editions of the LLMM (mentors students).


Facultad de Derecho - Campus del Cristo, s/n. 33006 Oviedo

985 10 38 28


María Leonor Suárez Llanos

985 10 47 17

María Ludivina Valvidares Suárez

985 10 39 89